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The Exit Strategies Newsletter - Issue 2

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I hope you had a great summer. This is the first Exit Strategies Newsletter of the season. My plan is to send these much more regularly from now on. If you’d ever prefer not to receive this newsletter, please just click on the link below, reply to this email or call Linda at 778.384.1372. This information is also available on my blog, or from the blog’s RSS feed, at

Timing Your Exit - Don’t Ride it Over the Top

Timing Your Exit - Don't Ride it Over the TopOne of the most heartbreaking entrepreneurial or investor experiences is to work hard for years, finally sell the company, and then realize that you could have gotten much more if you had sold a few years earlier.

The reason this happens so often is primarily human nature. I know because that is exactly what I did in my first company (and in a couple since then – maybe I am a slow learner.)

This post describes how to exit closer to the peak in value.

Early Exits Workshop Videos from Silicon Valley ACA National Summit

Early Exits Workshop, Part 1This is the first of the video series from my Early Exits Workshop in Silicon Valley. This was a sold out workshop at the national Angel Capital Association Annual Summit.

The first section is titled "Angel Investing in the 21st Century". I talk about the surprising changes in early stage tech financing and exit strategies over the past few years.

Watch the part of this workshop in high definition video on your PC or iPad. You should even be able to watch it on your iPhone (if it’s reasonably new).

Here’s the link. The following sections of this workshop will be released about weekly over the next while.

Exit Strategies Workshop in Vancouver November 4, 2010


The Vancouver Angel Forum and Vantec Angels are hosting a return of the Exit Strategies workshop here in Vancouver on November 4 at SFU downtown. If you weren’t able to attend my workshop in Silicon Valley, you can receive the same great content, and learn more from local experts like Steve Lukas, Axel Christiansen and others.

This workshop also sold out the two previous times it was offered in Vancouver, so I recommend you register early and take advantage of the early bird discount.

There is more on the workshop content page here.

The registration page, and more information, is on the Angel Forum website at this link.

VEF Event - Super Angels: The New New Thing – Vancouver September 21, 2010

Vancouver Enterprise Forum

The VEF kickoff event for this year is about the same topic as the video above – how angel investors have become the dominant source of financing for early stage technology companies. Did you know that angels finance 27 times more early stage tech companies than traditional Venture Capital funds? Did you know that companies are now regularly raising $5 or 10 million all from angels?

I’ll be sharing a panel with Paul Kedrosky from San Diego, our own Boris Wertz and Geoff Entress from Seattle.

I also expect this event to sell out early - so don’t delay.Register here.

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