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The Exit Strategies Newsletter - Issue 5

Welcome to The Exit Strategies Newsletter Issue 5. If you missed any of the previous newsletters, they are archived here.

How Early Can You Sell Your Business?

I often hear board members, CEOs or advisors say that a business needs to be profitable before it can be successfully sold. Or that it has to be over $10 million or even $50 million in revenue.

Successful exits can often be executed before the company is profitable or before the company has reached its first $1 million of revenue.

The earliest you can expect a good price is after you ‘prove the business model.’

This post explains how you can know when your company is ready to exit.

It’s The Angels Time – Opening Keynote Angel Capital Association Summit San Francisco

The economy has changed - lots doesn't work anymore.

But there is also good news: the lower costs of growing startups; the huge cash reserves in the big companies - and most are spending more on acquisitions than R&D. This has created an excellent market for $10 to 30 million exits. Many companies are being sold just two or three years from startup.

Angel syndication is a fascinating and important new trend. Companies can now raise $5 to 10 million all from angels (over several rounds).

Angels are financing 27 times more startups than traditional Venture Capital funds. Startups have created all of the new jobs in our economy for the past 30 years. What angels are doing is important to our future.

Angel investing is still relatively new - about where Venture Capital was in the mid 1980s. Angels are evolving quickly. Some are now talking about "Professional Angel Investors."

Key drivers in this ascension are angel education and organizations like the Angel Capital Association.

This talk sparked some fascinating debates and received the highest audience evaluation at the conference. It’s another free online video series in high def.

Early Exits Overview – ACA New England Angel Education Series – Boston

Much of what you hear about exits is wrong - dangerously wrong. There are so many myths and misperceptions. And quite a few dirty secrets. This talk is about what actually works today when you want to sell your business.

Startup economics have changed. It’s now possible to build valuable companies for only $100,000s, or even $10,000s. The internet has accelerated everything - many big exits have occurred just two or three years from startup.

The exit is just another business process - just like a product development or financing. Every company needs a clear, written, signed exit strategy. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Often the biggest question is not "How much can sell for?" it’s "How long will it take to sell?"

Learn about: selecting your M&A advisor, M&A advisors’ fees, strategies for building shareholder value and maximizing your selling price.

Hear why I believe this is a ‘golden era’ for technology entrepreneurs and angel investors in this free three part online video in high definition.

Save the Date - Exit Strategies Workshop in Vancouver September 8, 2011


The Vancouver Angel Forum and Vantec Angels are hosting a return of the Exit Strategies workshop here in Vancouver on September 8 at SFU downtown.

Learn about selling your business from local experts like Steve Lukas, Axel Christiansen, Mike Volker, Steven MacDonald and others.

This workshop also sold out the three previous times it was offered in Vancouver, so I recommend you register early and take advantage of the early bird discount.

There is more on the workshop content page here.

The registration page, and more information, is on the Angel Forum website at this link.

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