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The Exit Strategies Newsletter - Issue 6

Sub-Debt and Financing Structure to Maximize Value and Minimize Risk - Video

Sub Debt by Axel ChristiansenMost sellers don't appreciate how important the buyer's financing structure is to them.

The right structure can literally make the difference of closing a transaction or not.

The structure also has a big impact on the seller's post-transaction risk.

The right financing can also increase the total price you get when your company is sold.

This video is the best explanation I have ever seen. It's also worth watching just to see what a fabulous speaker Axel Christiansen is. This video is from the Exits Workshop last September.

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This is the most comprehensive one-day workshop on selling companies available anywhere in North America.

The Exits Workshop has been presented four times before in Vancouver and sold out every time. It is only presented once, or twice, each year.

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Book Review: "Built to Sell" by John Warrillow

If you own any part of a 'service' business you must read "Built to Sell".

John Warrillow has crafted an effortlessly readable, but incredibly important, book on business strategy for owners and decision makers in 'service' businesses.

This is one of my favorite parts: "TED'S TIP # 14 Avoid an adviser who offers to broker a discussion with a single client. You want to ensure there is competition for your business and avoid being used as a pawn for your adviser to curry favor with his or her best client."

My book review describes why I believe John has made an important contribution to our knowledge about executing better exits.

Being an Entrepreneur in the 21st Century - Meetup Video

Sub Debt by Axel ChristiansenBeing an entrepreneur in the 21st century is quite different from what it was like in the 1980s and 90s.

The global economy seems a lot more unstable and the press is full of doom and gloom.

But entrepreneurs are being more successful than ever before. This video describes why I believe history will come to call this a "golden era" for technology entrepreneurs.

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Good luck with all of your exits!

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