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Exits Have Changed A Lot in 2012 | The Exit Strategies Newsletter - Issue 7

This issue of The Exit Strategies Newsletter highlights a talk I presented at the National Angel Capital Association Summit in Austin, TX last month.

I hope this video series helps with your exits.

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New Video Series

Why Exits are So Hard to Learn - Part 1

Highlights of Part 1:

Why Exits are So Hard to Learn - Part 1

- Investing is easy - getting our money back is much more challenging

- Three reasons why it's more challenging to learn about exits than investing

- Why the real estate market misleads us when we think about exits - how the markets differ

- The financial markets have changed - what's motivating M&A buyers today

- The types of M&A buyers active in the market today and what each type is thinking

---> Watch Part 1 here:

New M&A Buyers and Our Sellers Market - Part 2

Highlights of Part 2:

New M&A Buyers and Our Sellers Market - Part 2

- Boomer buyers - a new category of buyers for companies in the $20 million range

- A surprising new type of buyer - Venture Capital funds operating like P-E funds

- There has never been this much cash looking for acquisitions - well over $10 trillion

- The number of buyers for most companies is practically unlimited

- Prices are up about 20% over the past year

---> Watch Part 2 here:

Exit Timing – Exits are Happening Earlier - Part 3

Highlights of Part 3:

Exit Timing - Exits are Happening Earlier - Part 3

- Story of a Vancouver company that was acquired before its first year end

- A possible new record - the company acquired by AOL just four days after its product launched

- Why companies that miss the optimum time often end up never exiting

- Exit threats from competition, over-investment by VCs and negative momentum

---> Watch Part 3 here:

Waves of Consolidation – The CEO's Most Important Job - Part 4

Highlights of Part 4:

Waves of Consolidation - The CEO's Most Important Job - Part 4

- The most devastating reason that companies fail to exit

- A relatively new phenomena driven by the amount of cash available, number of buyers and the internet

- What happens after the wave - killing the small companies

- My saddest job - explaining why an unsolicited offer is almost never good news

---> Watch Part 4 here:

Making the Business Case by Mike VolkerMaking the Business Case, by Mike Volker

My good friend and colleage, Mike Volker, has written a new book.

If you have an idea for a business, this book will help you determine how to go about turning your idea into reality and cash.

More importantly, 'Making the Business Case' will help you determine if your idea is even worth pursuing in the first place. To get partners and investors, you must make a business case. This means having the answers to some tough questions, the most important question being: How will your idea make money?

Mike also teaches you how to best communicate your idea using an effective Executive Summary and a well-honed elevator pitch.

Check out Making the Business Case on Bookboon.

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