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Improving the Probabilities of a Successful Exit | The Exit Strategies Newsletter - Issue 8

This issue of the Exit Strategies newsletter focusses on how you can significantly increase the probability that your company will actually sell, when it's time.

Most companies that could be sold fail to successfully exit. I believe the failure rate is around 75%. The good news is that with some planning and preparation you can prevent the majority of the failure mechanisms.

I am also pleased to announce the early registration for the next Exit Strategies Workshop in Vancouver.

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Only 25% of Saleable Companies Exit - How to Be Sure You Sell

Yes - about 75% of the time when a company could be sold, it doesn't actually happen

Only 25 Percent of Saleable Companies Exit

This post describes several of the common mechanisms that lead to this devastatingly high failure rate.

Some of the most common failures are:

1. The Exit Team Failed to Execute

2. The Board Didn't Realize the Company was Saleable

3. The Board was Waiting for an Unsolicited Offer

---> Here are more reasons why exits often fail and what you can do to prevent them

The Psychology of Exits - How Sellers Defeat Themselves

When a saleable company fails to sell, it's often the seller's psychology that kills the transaction

The Psychology of Exits - How Sellers Defeat Themselves

Most of the time, the seller doesn't even know that they were the reason their company failed to sell.

Some of the seller psychologies that kill deals include:

- Unrealistic value expectations

- “It Feels Like I am Selling my Child”

- Approach Avoidance

---> This is the video of a talk I gave at the national AM&AA meeting in Chicago

Preparing to Sell a Company – First Steps in the Exit Process

Here's the list of things that should be complete before the first conversation with a buyer

The list looks daunting, but your probabilities of success will increase dramatically with preparation

Preparing to Sell a Company - First Steps in the Exit Process

A common reason that exits fail to close is the company isn't ready when the conversation gets started with the prospective buyer.

This is a checklist for the first phase of the exit process including the preparation on:

- the Exit Strategy

- the Exit Team

- Corporate structure, IP, tax, accounting systems, exit sales collateral, due diligence and more.

---> Get the Checklist for the first phase of the Exit Process here

Early Bird Registration - Exits Workshop November 27 in Vancouver

Please do not delay - this workshop always sells out

The Vancouver Angel Forum is once again hosting an Exit Strategies Workshop on November 27

I believe this is the best workshop on selling private companies that is available anywhere in North America.

It covers every aspect of the exit planning and execution process.

The speakers and panelists are a combination of industry experts and CEOs who have sold their companies.

This workshop is only for CEOs, directors and investors. As part of the registration process every attendee will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

If you are thinking of selling a company in the next few years, this workshop will be invaluable.

---> Please don't delay - this workshop always sells out. Click here to register

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I hope to see you in November!

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