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Basil Peters, Principal - Strategic Exits Corp. Basil Peters, CEO

Basil thinks exits are the best part of being an entrepreneur or investor. He also believes exits are the least well understood part of being a CEO, board member. founder or shareholder.

Dr. Peters has been a successful CEO in Vancouver and Silicon Valley. Basil also founded a venture capital firm, hedge fund, and angel fund.

After being an investor for a couple of decades he finally realized that successful investing requires two things: making the right investment decisions and getting your money back. Now his exclusive focus is working with shareholders to design and execute optimum exit transactions.

Basil writes a blog on exits at www.Exits.com/Blog.

Inc Magazine rated his first book Early Exits one of the ten best of the year for business owners.

Basil speaks about exits to audiences of entrepreneurs and investors around the world.

He has a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in Electrical and Computer Engineering and has received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Canada Awards Silver Medal in Entrepreneurship, the BC Science and Engineering Gold Medal and Business Leader of the Year Award.

For more: www.BasilPeters.com, or Basil's LinkedIn Profile

Darren Dumba Darren J. Dumba, Vice President

Darren has an entrepreneurial spirit with the insight to identify market trends and develop new ideas and opportunities.

He is a proven executive with a strong business acumen bringing extensive sales, marketing, business development, and operational expertise to Strategic Exits.

Working as part of the senior management team for many early stage companies he has delivered significant results through strong communication and effective decision making, while ensuring that the right team is in place and working together to achieve desired targets and objectives.

As a committed and passionate business professional, Darren possesses the energy, dedication, and ability to think outside the box, setting the tone for success.

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Jaret_HenhoefferJaret M Henhoeffer, Vice-President

Jaret is a trusted advisor on exit strategies, an angel investor, and a serial entrepreneur. As the founding General Manager of an early stage and growth capital investment fund, Jaret led investments into over 150 companies. As an entrepreneur, Jaret has built Penguin Power into a decentralized solar utility that designed, built and maintain installations that will continue to supply kilowatts to the Ontario electricity grid until 2034.

Jaret’s corporate experience at companies like Air Miles and Canadian Tire taught him how to value cash-flows, create successful joint-ventures and launch new products like Banking Services at Canadian Tire.

Jaret’s formal education includes an HBA and MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University where he studied valuation under George Athanasakkos.

Since focusing on helping great entrepreneurs successfully implement exit strategies, Jaret has completed transactions in technology, agriculture, event management and the print industry. Jaret is passionately committed to helping enable win/win transactions that deliver value to both acquirers and sellers.

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Grant BasiukGrant Basiuk, Associate

Grant brings a combination of large and small business experience, and a commerce degree to our team. He has worked with senior managers and business owners to drive their businesses forward both as a strategic consultant and business coach.

His management experience in operations, sales, and marketing has given him the ability to see the big picture, as well as the hands-on experience to understand operational challenges. Grant believes that understanding the key numbers in any business is a fundamental part of sound decision making, and applies this philosophy to all aspect of business. Grant has helped a number of tech firms position themselves for funding and growth.

Grant works hard to acquire new knowledge, and likes to share what he learns with those around him to help them achieve success.

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Jason Bax, Associate Jason Bax, Associate

Jason completed his commerce degree in entrepreneurial management with a minor in Asian studies from Royal Roads University.

He has represented brands like Dell, Nissan, Fisher Price, Hasbro, and Purina on TV; consulted for nearly 100 web startups; and has spoken to audiences on three continents.

Jason is a presentation specialist and digital marketing strategist with a proven track record.

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Ash KhanAsh Khan, Research

Ash is a seasoned strategy consulting professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, and is cofounder of Stratescope Consultants, and formerly Director of Quantitative Research at Kennedy Information Advisors.

Prior to working with Strategic Exits, Ash had the opportunity to provide strategic recommendations to some of the top professional services firms in the world. He has also worked with clients in the telecom, oil & gas, high-tech, and chemical manufacturing industries to help them reduce procurement costs for consulting and IT services.

Ash’s professional expertise spans M&A due diligence (both buy and sell-side), competitive analysis, emerging-market growth strategy, and niche product launch and positioning strategy. Ash combines his deep insights into the professional services market with his passion for the high-tech industry in order to identify companies with great potential and maximize the value of early exit opportunities.

Ash is an Industrial Engineer from Purdue University and is Six Sigma Certified. Whenever possible, he volunteers as a business coach to budding entrepreneurs in Western Canada.

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Linda Irvine, CEO -  MeteorBytes Data Management Corp. Linda Peters, Communications

Linda is our resident communications expert.

She handles 'all things e' - including research, websites, marketing, publishing, social media, events and email campaigns.

She works on our clients Confidential Offering Memorandums, executive summaries and presentations.

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